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222Album Cover

Release date: 24-May-2014 Spok Beats “Lions9″ Learn more

Eye Of The Storm (Album Cover)

Release date: 28-Jun-2014 Eyedealr – “Eye Of The Storm” EP Learn more

speaker people covr

Release date: -Dec- Speaker People Learn more

Spok - Transit (Album Cover)

Release date: 07-Jun-2012 Arkyve, Namek, Avi, & Spok Beats – “Transit” LP Learn more

Namek - Its A Nams World (Album Cover)

Release date: 15-Apr-2012 Namek – “This Is A Nams World” LP Learn more

Bluntfunk - Bluntfunk (Album Cover)

Release date: 18-Oct-2011 Bluntfunk w/Arkyve & Spok – “Bluntfunk” EP Learn more

Echoes From The Chamber (front)

Release date: 03-Oct-2011 Eyedealr – “Echoes From The Chamber” LP Learn more

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    Eyedealr (Banner 2014)


    Born and raised in Los Angeles, California — Eyedealr has made a name for himself in the underground culture of Los Angeles hip hop. Since a child, he was very musically inclined and actively involved in music programs from elementary school through junior high school. In high school he began writing and recording raps on karaoke machines, which eventually led to his interest in music production. Eyedealr started writing lyrics in high school and soon pursued his passion of writing songs when he formed a group called Rugged Gentlemen with now good friend Cawz and an old acquaintance of theirs. He put together a mixtape with the Rugged Gentlmen in 2004 but the group soon found themselves going in their own directions musically. During that time, Eyedealr started building a friendship with fellow schoolmate Josiah (DeadFlowers). The two quickly bonded and started recording under the name Celph Emploirs. In 2005, they started working on their debut album “Celph Emploi”. In the beginning stages of the album, they met a group of emcees that went by the name of “Vociferous Few” that had moved to their home city of Rowland Heights from West Covina. The Vociferous Few had started this thing called Chamber Productions, which was their “label” that was in early development when they asked the Celph Emploirs if they wanted to join. The Celph Emploirs then finished their album with Spok Beats and released it later that year. The two groups were hitting the scene hard during those times by passing out hand-crafted cd’s and flyer’s and doing shows everywhere around Southern California. In 2006, Eyedealr formed another group called Concept Artists with former Rugged Gent – Cawz – and producer Franky Valentine (Cawz’s friend). Early in 2007, Concept Artists recruited their last member – Namek – and began their musical endeavors. After completing 2 albums throughout 2007 to 2009, the Concept Artists have performed throughout all of Southern California, Las Vegas, San Francisco, and all over Los Angeles! And in 2009, they won the “Best Hip Hop Crew” Award @ the Urban Underground Awards in Los Angeles! In 2010, Eyedealr completed his first solo project entitled “Eye Dye”, which was released April 2010 under Chamber Records. After much hard work and many setbacks, Eyedealr released the full-length album “Echoes From The Chamber” LP in October 2011 under Chamber Records. The album has production from Spok Beats, Frankie Valentine, Rokem, Josiah Deadflowers, and Eyedealr. Eyedealr has released multiple music videos from the “Echoes From The Chamber” album since the first day of its release. He has also been working behind the scenes on videos, photography, & graphic design for other members of Chamber Records, as well as other local artists. He started EyeVizion Media in 2012 as an outlet for all of his visual work & has been building it into a legitimate business in hopes to maintain a lasting career in this industry.